Geopark Content Creation

With a strong background in multimedia and content creation, and a passion for photography, videography and design, I have been able to create and communicate messages and information for the Geopark in a diverse range of formats.

Caherconnell Stone Fort Furnace Festival 2022 - 26 (1)


Photography is a great passion of mine and it is wonderful to be able to incorporate it into my work activities. I have photographed many events with a high quality DSLR and a drone, and I have worked with several professional photographers and videographers throughout my time at the Geopark. Some of the images I have taken have been used  in promotional materials for different events. 


I have been involved in several video production projects with the Geopark at various distances from the lens.

Project managing

The video of the children describing “What is a Geopark?” is a project that I managed. I worked with Clare based videographer Paul Corey and producer Julie Carr on this endeavour.

Shooting and editing

The two other videos are projects that I shot and edited myself.

On camera

During the RTE Today Show promotional visit to Vandeleur Walled Gardens in Kilrush, Carol and I were filmed promoting GEOfood for their Instagram account.


John McKenna of McKenna's Guides in front of my GEOfood banner

Image caption: John McKenna of McKenna’s Guides in front of my GEOfood banner

Graphic design

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role is being involved in the various events that take place around the Geopark and county. Specifically I have been involved in several food events where I have promoted our local food brand GEOfood. Establishing the Geopark and GEOfood with a credible presence at these events requires the design and development of branded assets.

Since I started in the Geopark, I have been using my graphic design skills to develop banners, posters, strut cards, vinyls, certificates, displays and more branded assets to use at our events. I have worked with several printers and sign providers on bringing my artwork to life.



As communications officer, I’ve written copy for all sorts of media types for the Geopark with both formal an informal objectives. Our regular copy requirements include social media posts and stories, email communications, external newsletters, monthly management reports and SEO optimised webpage copy.

In addition to copy, I have also become proficient in writing briefs, award and grant applications, training guides and reports for the Geopark