Who Am I?

I am an accomplished marketing and communications officer with experience in a range of sectors including retail, education and tourism. My career began in the retail sector where I managed a store in Limerick City. This role required a large degree of sales and marketing to increase footfall and seize new opportunities as they arose. Upon getting this taste of marketing I decided to return to college to study an MSc course in Marketing, Consumption & Society at the University of Limerick. Here I achieved a first-class honours degree, which nicely compliments the first-class honours degree I earned in a Higher Diploma in Creative Multimedia Course in 2014. After this master’s course, I went on to work at Designer Minds Education LTD where I learned the ins and outs of promoting and the importance of STEAM education for children.

After launching a new website, a new curriculum of online courses, building social media channels and organising Summer Camps at Designer Minds, I set my sights on a new venture. I secured a role in sustainable tourism as the Media and Communications Officer with the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark which is managed by Clare County Council. I continue to relish this role as each day it offers me the opportunity to work with wonderful businesses, agencies and community groups in the geopark, and it allows me to express my creativity and widen the boundaries of my comfort zone through my communication duties.

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