Who Am I?

I like to take the interesting routes to get to my destinations and includes career goals. I first went to college at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick. Here I studied English and Media and Communications. The modules in media awakened my attention to the creative fields. I loved working at the audio/visual projects, I spent countless hours in the editing suite fixing and perfecting the most minor of glitches.

I continued down the media production path and in 2014, I completed a Higher Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming. The main focus of the course was on UI/UX design and web programming and development, however, there were also elements of video, animation, project management and database management involved. For my main project, I developed an iPad application that envisioned the life of Limerick Literary Legend, Frank McCourt. The depth and variety of multimedia elements involved in this project earned me the “Best Project Award” in my class.

I moved from the HDip into an internship at AGENT Digital (known then as IDF Marketing). In this internship, I produced WordPress CMS websites, wrote SEO focussed blog articles for clients, uploaded content to client’s sites and design graphics for web use. As well as doing an internship, I was also working as a customer service and store assistant for The Art & Hobby Shop. I thoroughly believe that you gain the best level of customer service from face-to-face interactions with customers. After my internship, I continued in my retail role and this led to a management role in a different branch. This management role thought me a lot about staff management, administration and the importance of reaching KPI’s. While managing the store, I took it upon myself to run the company Instagram page. This role re-surfaced my passion for content creation and digital communication.

After gaining experience in retail management and digital marketing, I moved into a marketing & sales executive role with Tony Clarke School Books. This role was extremely diverse and duties varied from field sales throughout Munster to website management to staff supervision.

I spent a lot reflecting on my career trajectory. I kept asking myself how I could combine the administration, logistics and business experience I had gained with my passion for content creation and digital development….The answer was Marketing. I know, I know, if I was already in a marketing role, why was I thinking of going back to study it. I felt I had that I had a lot to learn about the field, I wanted to learn more about the strategic, theoretical and brand development related aspects of marketing. I was also seeking a more team-orientated environment.

In 2019, I enrolled in the MSc in Marketing Consumption & Society at the University of Limerick. The course has expanded my knowledge of such topics as relationship marketing, market research, building brand awareness, consumer culture theory and strategic marketing. I worked with the group to develop two intricate marketing campaigns and I dove into an ethnography study on the west coast of Ireland. Despite the efforts COVID-19 restrictions, the course was really enjoyable.

So what now?

Now, I am a qualified multimedia and marketing professional with experience in a multitude of fields, including sales, marketing, web development and content creation. I love to work with content but also to collaborate with a team to develop creative ideas. I am currently seeking a strategic, content, or digital marketing role.

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