Geopark code of practice for sustainable tourism

The Geopark Code of Practice for Sustainable Tourism and its supporting training and mentoring programme are essentially a framework that allow businesses in a destination to come together to build a sustainable tourism offering, the framework also allows each engaging busines to develop an environmental action plan.


Over 65 members of the Burren Ecotourism Network follow the Code of Practice  for Sustainable Tourism and each of them has material that I designed showing their commitment to the Code within their business premises. 

In addition to designing printed materials for the Code of Practice I also manage the Code of Practice content on the Geopark website and social media channels. 

I promote the Geopark Code of Practice at every available opportunity and event, the latest of which was the AVEA annual conference which was held at the Falls Hotel and Spa in October 2023.



Geopark Code of Practice Awards Night Tourism Team - Photo Credit Eamon Ward Photography


There is an awards night organised for the tourism businesses in the Burren Ecotourism Network after each bi-annual Code of Practice submission. For the awards night in 2021, i organised the venue setup, designing and printing Code and Geopark branded materials and Code of Practice certificates.

Code of Practice platform

managing the platform

I am a liaison for Burren Ecotourism Network members who are having any difficulties with the Code of Practice platform. I frequently update the content on the system to be in line with current requirements and recommendations.

Additionally I assist in the coordination of our annual Code of Practice workshops to assist members who are new to the Code and who haven’t worked with the system before.