Geopark animation series

Geological and scientific research and information can be in-depth, full of jargon and difficult to understand. Visualisations and images can be really beneficial in making the information easier to digest. When the opportunity arose to apply for a Geoheritage grant in 2022, I proposed applying for the grant with the purpose of funding the development of a series of geological animations. We received approval for my application.

Developing the Animations

After some research I contacted and received quotes from several animation companies. The company that I decided to go with was Magpie 6 Media who are based in Ennis. I set up a meeting and after sitting down with them we instantly knew that their ideas resonated with our own. They set up a plan of action and timeline which we agreed to. Throughout the Summer of 2023, we worked with Magpie 6 Media on the animations which I have linked below. We look forward to working with them again on the next series.

Eamon and I launched the animations in Kilfenora National School where they were received really well by the kids. They also got a lot of traction on social media with each one one seeing high shares and engagement. They are a fantastic educational tool and will be a key resource for us when discussing the formation of the Burren.