Who Am I?

Accomplished and enthusiastic Masters student currently enrolled in the MSc in Marketing Consumption & Society. Seeking to implement my experience in multimedia, marketing and management in a digital marketing executive role.


Mary Immaculate College

Bachelor of Arts 2008 – 2012

English  /  Media and Communications  /  T.E.F.L

Limerick Institute of Technology

Higher Diploma in Creative Multimedia Programming

User Interface Design  /  User Experience Design  /  3D Graphics  /  Web Development  /  Web Programming  /  Project Management  / Database Management

University of Limerick

MSc Marketing Consumption and Society

Marketing Theory  /  Marketing & Society  /  Market Research  /  Consumer Culture  /  Ethnography  /  Strategic Marketing  / Marketing & Pop Culture  /  Digital Marketing  /  Marketing Leadership


Freelance Digital Design – www.seanofarrell.ie

August 2019 – Present

Graphic Design – Posters, Logos, Textile Graphics, Banners
Photography – Product photography, stock imagery

Marketing and Sales Executive – Tony Clarke School Books

April 2019 – August 2019

Social Media Marketing
Conducting Mailchimp email campaigns
April 2019 – Aug 2019
Graphic Design for both print and digital media.
Co-ordinating off-site sales opportunities
Website management and processing of web sales.

Store Manager – The Art & Hobby Shop

August 2017 – February 2019

Daily management of staff including scheduling, team briefings on company policies, and delegating tasks.
Daily, weekly, monthly and annual financial reporting.
Ordering and maintaining efficient stock levels.
Communicating with customers, suppliers and colleagues in a friendly and professional manner via phone and email.
Management of the company’s lnstagram page.

Skills & Interests

Software Skills

Microsoft Office
Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro)

Field Skills

Graphic Design
Video Production
Digital Marketing
Audio Production


There’s nothing I like more than packing up my camera gear and taking off in the car for the day. The photography genre I enjoy most is landscape mainly due to the opportunity it gives me to get out into nature and be productive. I research a lot of techniques on YouTube and like to experiment with different projects.

Up until 2014, I wasn’t much of a reader but after a tough year of college, I needed a way to switch off. I picked up a James Patterson Crime book and was instantly immersed. Now I tend to read a book every second week. My favourite genres are fantasy and crime and my favourite writers are Tess Gerritsen, Paulo Coelho, John Grisham, Terry Hayes and Michael Crichton.

As well as expressing myself through photography, I also like to dive into some Artwork. My favourite media are pencil, charcoal and pastels and from time to time I dabble with acrylic paint. I learned a lot of theory from my time working at The Art & Hobby Shop which can come in useful when taking on projects.

Yes, I constitute supporting as an interest. I am a frequent visitor at Thomand Park for Munster matches. Every year a group of us has the tradition of going to see the Munster vs Leinster game on December 28th. When I can”t attend I keep up with the action on TV or Radio.

I’m currently resurrecting my love for the bass. In the past I played bass in bands, frequently playing gigs in local venues. I play the acoustic guitar too and can sometimes be found strumming away in the corner of a party. I enjoy playing around with audio software, recording samples and experimenting with different music utilities.

My love for travel and photography are somewhat the same yet I don’t take the opportunity to travel enough. At the moment I’ve been to 19 different countries over 3 continents. I’ve had two very extensive trips. One trip was in 2011spanned over a 6-month duration. While attending Frostburg University in Maryland (Go Bobcats) we took the time to visit 15 other States in the US. We ventured up to New York for St. Patrick’s Day, Daytona Beach for Spring Break and rented a car and drove around California. It was amazing to experience such a wide variety of cultures in a single country. In 2017 I took an independent interrailing trip, visiting 12 different countries around Europe. I got to see a lot of the capital cities and fell in love with countries such as Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Some of my experiences in these can be seen here

My passion for the outdoors and for photography complement one another. I love to explore off the beaten track routes. I have engaged in a number of interesting outdoor adventure activities while travelling. For example I’ve been Flyboarding in Spain, Ziplining in Croatia and Swimming with elephants in Cambodia.

I have always had a strong sense of curiosity when it comes to technology. If I see something of interest, I will attempt to learn about it. For instance, I’m currently partitioning my the hard drive on my laptop and installing Windows. I have built up a bank of useful technological tricks through self-learning, which have come in useful on numerous occasions.



I received the Academic Excellence award for my IOS iPad application of the Frank McCourt Museum which I created for my end of year Project in the Higher Diploma for Creative Multimedia Programming at the Limerick Institute of Technology.

The application was created using an array of multimedia procedures including, web development, animation, programming, audio recording, photography, video production and publishing.


Computer Tutor with Age Action

February 2019 – April 2019

I volunteered with Age Action because I felt that I had valuable computer skills that I could share. Throughout my time with them I was a tutor to an elderly man, I showed him how to create, edit and save Word documents, how to create and attach images and documents to an email and I taught him general knowledge about using a computer. Unfortunately my time with Age Action was cut short due to conflicting schedules I had when starting my role with Tony Clarke School Books.

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References are available on request

My references are available on request. Please provide your name and organisation or if possible Linkedin URL  as proof of your recruiter status

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