Project Description

My initial task at Tony Clarke School Books was to develop a repertoire with their B2B clients. These clients consisted of staff members in schools in the Limerick region.  The first step to accomplishing this was by designing a catalogue with exclusive prices for schools. These were then sent to the schools in a promotional email that was created in Mailchimp.

A few days after the catalogues had been sent I  would call each school. As it was May, school booklists acted as an initiator to developing a conversation with the school staff. I asked the staff if their lists were available and if they could send them to us and in most cases, schools kindly sent the lists or took my details and offered to forward them on when they became available. I would then ask them if they had received the catalogue which we had sent, I would promote some of the available offers that were exclusive to schools. Any sales were either handled directly over the phone or later on after the customers had browsed through the catalogue. These phone calls enabled me to build a point of contact list for each school.

The school lists that were sent to us were useful for developing product bundles on the Tony Clarke School Books website which made the B2C experience more user friendly.