Project Description

It’s not what it Siems!

Siem Reap was great. When a place makes you feel like Indiana Jones exploring for treasure in the temples, you know it’s good. We arrived in Siem Reap after the most terrifying drive I’ve ever experienced. Our driver Paul (we didn’t know his name) was stone mad for speed. His weaving through traffic was like playing a game of Grand Theft Auto with your life. To be fair to Paul, we only nearly crashed a dozen times but nearly never made it. Anyway, we got there in the end.

Our hotel was fantastic, wine, good food and a weird tropical garden what more could you want. I’ll tell you what more. Massages where the masseuse decides that a good time to go for an extremely loud pee would be mid-massage. They felt great though, so I’ll let that go.

You can’t go to Siem Reap without experiencing the bustling life of pub street, where the offer of girlie bars and boom boom was at maximum level. With $1 beers you can’t go wrong here.

The next day was the day of exploring the epic temples of Angkor Wat. Pictures cannot do them justice, even though I’ve tried. The day was truly made when we saw a monkey, but alas this was from a Tuk-tuk.