Project Description

This was a very wet and fun project to do. After many failed attempts of trying to capture the splash of the water as it hit the bottle, I finally got the shot I was looking for.

What did it entail?

The shot is set up with a roll of white paper as a backdrop. This was kept 2 feet away from the desk so that it would not get wet. Then there was a sheet of white plastic underneath the bottle. I had three lights set up. Two studio lights at either side of the front of the bottle and a hot shoe light, shining down from above. The camera was tethering directly to Lightroom (I wish Adobe would improve their tethering). Last but not least was a delicious bottle of Rockshore beer that was front and centre in the composition.

One of the steps was to mix the right colour for the splash. I took a tube of viridian green gouache paint and diluted it with water in a pint glass. When I started trying to create the splash I was a shot glass, but it was very, let’s say “splashy”. So, I diverted my attention to a larger cup, a cup that could and would potentially drench the room.

I filled the cup up with the diluted paint, stood beside the camera, but not in front of the light. And as I held down the shutter to take a burst of photos, I threw the water over the bottle. After about ten attempts at taking this shot, I got the one I was looking for.

Thoughts for next time.

For the next time that I attempt a shot like this, I am going to try and build a rig of some sort that will allow me to splash the bottle from both sides. I am curious to know how pouring the water from above would look.

Disclaimer: This project was just for fun, and is not associated with Rockshore.