Project Description

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As a part of our Master’s program, we engaged in a live project with GOAL Global. This project tasked us with marketing a Goal Mile event to students at the University of Limerick. Our group was divided into three teams who each had a specific role to play. Our team covered the measurement of the campaign metrics. After some brainstorming, we decided to implement our strategy through digital and physical practices.

Our face-to-face reach was measured by how many leaflets we passed out around the college. We generated the idea of giving each participant a sticker after the race. The empty slots on the sticker sheet told us how many people participated. On the day of the race, we also had donations buckets where we could keep an account of contributions. Our digital metrics were taken from Facebook and Instagram insights. The project was fascinating as it allowed us to look at KPI’s that did not involve profit.

My contribution to the project consisted of designing and developing a variety of promotional materials and producing a video of the live event. I was thrilled to see that Goal Global posted the video I created on their official website. Learn about what GOAL Global do and find out where you can sign up to a GOAL Mile near you.